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A cropped detail image of "Point" - from my shadowbox series. The center point is a wooden dot that I've painted a flashy copper.  The corrugated mosaic pieces on the left are a few squares and rectcngles seperated by strips of corrugated cross-sections. Next, there is a vertical piece of triplewall. The area on the right involves a couple of cross-sections that define an open (black) triangular space where three circles of corrugated surround the copper dot.

Most corrugated boxes are simply sturdy containers - useful for storing goods and materials, or for shipping them safely from one place to another. The health of the economy can be measured by the number of boxes manufactured and sold.

Once a box has done its job, it goes to recycling and is turned into new boxes. But I like to divert these corrugated cartons to make use of the corrugations for art materials.

I am drawn to the textures of the corrugations, plus the subtle variations of the colors hidden between the walls of the box!

A corrugated mosaic detail from "CounterPoint": a third of the mosaic (on the left) is composed of horizontal and vertical rectangles of corrugated material, seperated by strips of cross-sections. Next is a vertical band of wave flute which I have painted with flashy copper. The remaining section of the right is made up of squares and rectangles of corrugated with strips of cross-sections of corrugated. The difference is that the pieces on thee right have been rotated by 45 degrees so all lines run diagonally. This juxtaposition of vertical/horizontal lines and diagonal lines is a common theme in my designs.

I have a long standing commitment to protecting the environment and I invite you to support products that are earth friendly.
Upcycled green gifts are a wonderful way to tell someone special that you care about them and future generations by encouraging recycled and sustainable products.
Each piece of Corrugated Mosaic Art is individually designed and handcrafted by Luci Lytle.

I hope you enjoy venturing "into the carton" with Corrugated Mosaics.

Corrugated Mosaic Shop

I've opened a shop on Etsy to handle the sale of Corrugated Mosaic Art. Click this image to go directly to CORRUGATEDmosaic @ Etsy.

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If you would like to discuss a custom creation, a wholesale order or if you need a multiple order for a recycling organization, please email me at or through the link at the bottom of any page. I look forward to talking with you! All photos & content Luci Lytle 2012